FT Sachet/ FT JN316 - Fire Extinguisher for Class F/K fires (Cooking Oil fires)

FIRE TERMINATOR® has created a portable fire suppression product called the FT JN316® or the FT Sachet designed for Class F/K cooking oil fires involving grease, fats and oils. ​ 
​FT JN316® Sachet is a ready-to-use fire extinguisher, conveniently packaged in a 45 ml, specially formulated sachet. Just dropping it into the burning oil fire, shuts out the oxygen supply and cools the oil, thus putting out the fire in seconds​. 

It has a wide range of applications such as home kitchens, restaurant kitchens, central kitchens, galley kitchens, etc., basically anywhere cooking oil/grease is used.​


How is FT JN316® Sachet different from Traditional Fire Extinguishers?  

Video links of how FT Sachet works











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