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FT Sachet/ FT JN316 - Fire Extinguisher for Class F/K fires (Cooking Oil fires)

FIRE TERMINATOR ®  has created a portable fire suppression product called the FT JN316 ®  or the FT Sachet designed for  Class F/K  cooking oil fires involving grease, fats and oils. ​    ​FT JN316 ®  Sachet is a ready-to-use fire extinguisher, conveniently packaged in a 45 ml, specially formulated sachet. Just dropping it into the burning oil fire, shuts out the oxygen supply and cools the oil, thus putting out the fire in seconds​.   It has a wide range of applications such as home kitchens, restaurant kitchens, central kitchens, galley kitchens, etc., basically anywhere cooking oil/grease is used.​

How safe are you with your Commercial Kitchen?

Fire statistics from all over the world shows that fires in restaurants predominately occur in kitchens.    *In Singapore, 358 cases of residential fires were caused by unattended cooking in 2021. That is more than one case of kitchen fire every day.   *In USA, according to NFPA findings, an average of 11,100 fires take place in eating and drinking establishments every year.   *In UK, fires resulting from cooking facilities fall in the top 6 causes.  Between April 2019 and April 2020, there were approximately 153,000 fires that had to be dealt with in the UK.   Kitchen Fire Safety    Inspection and Maintenance    Kitchen suppression systems are generally very effective at extinguishing fires. However, they can still fail due to a lack of maintenance. All fire extinguishers should be checked, inspected and recertified regularly by a professional fire safety technician.  Training Staffs    Proper training should be provided to all the staffs on how to use a fire extinguisher in case of a

Singapore building/Residential fire incidents report Jan - May 2022